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Respirator Fit Testing

As required by OSHA's 29 CFR 1910.134, each employee wearing a respirator must be properly Fit Tested, either semi-annually or annually. Enviroair can assist you with selecting the most appropriate method of Fit Testing for your application -- either qualitative method or quantitative -- based upon regulatory requirements, the wearer and medical considerations, and program and recordkeeping requirements.

Qualitative Fit Testing - Enviroair utilizes any one, or combination, of the following challenge agents; saccharin, or isoamyl acetate (banana oil), or bitter. The most appropriate agent, and required exercises, will be utilized to determine a pass/fail respirator fit.

Quantitative Fit Testing - Our staff consultants will use a TSI PortaCount instrument to quantitatively measure the individual Fit-Factor for each employee. The participants will be required to perform specific exercises under varying physical stresses and conditions designed to simulate actual field situations. The results of the Quantitative Fit Test will show the actual, measured Fit-Factor, and the results will be documented and printed for company personnel files and recordkeeping.









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