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Industrial Hygiene Programs

Employees are a key asset of any organization; managing their safety and health is not only legally required, but makes good business sense as well. Enviroair can assist you in your regulatory compliance efforts and assess the status and needs of your organization.

Enviroair Consultants offers a wide range of Industrial Hygiene and Safety services, both independently and in conjunction with affiliates.

The following briefly describes some of the services we provide in the areas of Industrial Hygiene:

Indoor Air Quality Assessments

Employee Exposure Monitoring

Ventilation Studies

Noise Assessment & Consulting

Hazard Communication Programs

Ergonomic Awareness Training

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Indoor Air Quality Assessments - Reports of health problems attributed to poor indoor air quality have been increasing steadily in recent years. The result has been an alarming number of lost workdays and medical costs in the billions of dollars. The indoor environment can contain both diffuse and localized sources of chemical and/or biological contaminants. Enviroair can identify most building contaminants and their sources, and provide recommended control or treatment strategies to alleviate the problem. We specialize in issues of moisture intrusion bioaerosols.

Employee Exposure Monitoring - A major component of Industrial Hygiene is monitoring employee exposure to chemical stresses (gases, dusts, fumes, mists, and vapors), and physical stresses (electromagnetic radiation, lasers, noise, vibration, heat and cold) in the workplace. Enviroair quantifies employee exposures using NIOSH, OSHA or other approved sampling methods by evaluating samples taken from employee "breathing zones." Sample results are compared to current regulatory limits to determine if exposure exceeds specified limits. All Industrial Hygiene air samples are analyzed by a fully accredited analytical laboratory to determine contaminant concentration levels.

Ventilation Studies - Local exhaust ventilation is used principally for reducing the risk of exposure to concentrations of vapors, gases, and particulates. Enviroair measures the velocity and static pressure at each exhaust opening to generate the data used to determine the efficiency of the system. This data allows our experts to recommend improvements to the system, identify any branch problems, and help in modifying the system.

Noise Assessment & Consulting - Under OSHA 29 CFR 1910.95, Occupational Noise Exposure Standard and Hearing Conservation Amendment, any workplace operations having noise levels in excess of 85 dBA are required to protect employees. Compliance of this standard requires several administrative programs. Enviroair can assist employers in their compliance efforts by evaluating employee exposures to noise levels, by helping in the development of a written hearing conservation program, or by performing octave band analysis and other tests for engineering purposes.

Hazard Communication Programs - OSHA's 29 CFR 1910.1200 Hazard Communication standard now requires every type of business to communicate potential chemical hazards to all respective employees. This regulation requires that the employer have a written program identifying the chemicals and hazards associated with every job. Enviroair has the experience and knowledge to develop a written program, conduct employee training programs, and provide the Material Safety Data Sheets necessary to satisfy this regulation.

Ergonomic Awareness Training - Ergonomic hazards are one of the issues currently being addressed by regulatory agencies and employers nationwide. Our training program covers a review of the various hazards and how to recognize them, control measures, and strategies for reducing Cumulative Trauma Disorders (CTDs).





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